Amazon Iron – Calgary based iron artisan!

I’ve been out in the shop a lot over the past weeks creating obelisks, flat spirals, corkscrews and flop bars for the Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show April 14 and 15th. As I was grinding away it dawned on me that I have become an artisan. It made me smile and wonder at the way life turns out.

Having spent the first part of my life in offices I made a leap and became a Horticulturalist thirteen years ago. What an amazing journey that has been. I quickly turned my passion for gardening into an amazing career in Garden Essentials.

Two years ago, due to a change of life in two Calgary women, I purchased Amazon Iron. I have used this product for about ten years in my garden and my client’s gardens. I love the durability, year round appeal and functionality of these essential garden supports. I never thought one day I would actually be creating these beautiful garden decorations. The best part is I actually enjoy chopping and grinding the iron not so much the bending although I’m getting better all the time.

I am now becoming more familiar with the way the iron I use bends and the possible ways to use it in different projects. With this knowledge, I have had a lot of fun playing with new ideas. What a fabulous way for a gardener to keep the creative juices flowing in the winter!

Container gardening

Globe topiary in small container

I would love to see how you have used Amazon Iron in your own gardens and so I invite you to submit photos to the contest currently running on our Facebook page. I know that there are a lot of faithful customers to Amazon Iron and I would love to open a dialogue with you on your favorite product, most creative use of one of the plant supports and ideas for items that would make your garden even better.

Just booked into Calgary Seedy Saturday March 17 come on down and check it out.

Looking forward to hearing from all you hardy gardeners waiting for spring.


Amazon Iron Facebook Photo Contest

Amazon Iron CorkscrewYour garden could be the next “face” of Amazon Iron!

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